Turning over a new training leaf

March 11th is creeping up on me a bit faster than I would hope.  Why is March 11th important?  Well that is the day that I will try to hit my half marathon PR goal of 2:15. I will be trying to hit this goal at the Swamphouse Half Marathon.  I have wanted to hit this time for a while.  Mainly since running the 2010 Princess Half Marathon with Adam when we finished at 2:23.

Don't we look like running royalty?

All half marathons since that race have gone in the opposite direction which scares me even more about this goal.  But there have also been battles with injuries, a lack of training and an overall dread of running around those races following the 2010 Princess.  So why am I fixated again on this 2:15 goal?

Well I have found my love for running again, greatly increased my knowledge of running and how to properly train.  I credit a lot of this to a friend of mine named, Jeff.  He is probably one of my biggest supporters in my running journey and gave me the amazing gift of a subscription to Runner’s World when I needed it most.  I also started searching the internet, stumbled on many blogs that re-energized me and gave me the final bit of motivation I needed.  So back to the pavement I went with a whole new outlook on my running and that PR goal calling my name.

I have been focusing on having a more well-rounded training plan to finally understand all this talk about strength training, cross training, tempo runs, negative splits, etc that I had been reading.  And I’m happy to say, I’m enjoying training soo much more than just spending time running.  I have really started to like the cycle classes at the gym (and might finally have found a way to be comfortable on that stupid seat), found a love for high intensity intervals and finally had a fun mock 5K with negative splits.  See…..

1 1.00 mi 09:57 9:58 min/mi
2 1.00 mi 09:25 9:26 min/mi
3 1.00 mi 09:16 9:17 min/mi

Nice and speedy for me.

This morning was also another big step in my process of trying to properly train (or at least pretend that I know what I’m doing).  Since I started running in 2008, I never liked running with water or any type of fueling with me.  I thought it was just fine to eat and drink before I went out and again when I got home.  During races, I would take full advantage of all the water stops and other choices on the courses, but it still never stuck with me to actually train with these things.  (Yes, I read it countless times and understand the idea behind it but I’m a stubborn and thought I was fine…) I am proud to say that this morning, I turned over that new leaf, let go of my stubbornness and took FUEL WITH ME!   Yep, I am still in shock myself.  I grabbed the backpack to hold Bert, the camera, cell phone, a grape Gatorade and a Triple Berry Gu.  Off  I went with a goal of 9 miles for the morning.

Bert is all stretched and ready to go...Let's go!!!

The legs definitely felt heavy from last night’s Body Pump workout and took a while to warm up.  I stopped to get a little stretching in after mile 2 and the legs felt better after that. My first fueling break came after 4 miles and I decided I would take fueling breaks for each 2 miles after that. I hit the mile 8 break and felt great so I powered through the last mile and then enjoyed the last of my Gatorade during my cool down walk.

ooo Gatorade you taste even better after 9 miles

I am super super happy with my 9 miles this morning.  I maintained a steady pace (which is always a challenge for me) and that pace just happened to be GOAL PACE!!!! My total time for this morning’s run was 1:30:57.  Wooohooo.  Next week is going to be a big test as I have 11 miles on the schedule.  If I can maintain goal pace for 11 miles, I will feel fully confident that I will achieve that PR.

My weekend has come to a close.  Time to head into the work week with a few exciting events thrown in.  Working overnight and helping a friend move into a new apartment await me tomorrow.