Person behind this blog

So who is the person behind this blog, well…

I’m a 20-something year old that made a New Year’s deal with myself to change my life back in 2008 and it has made a large impact on my life.  That simple goal I made was to run a 5K sometime within the year.

Waiting for the gun at my first 5K - May 2008

As you can guess, I accomplished that goal and decided to keep running with it (yes, literally).  Before I had completed that first 5K, I was eyeing another one. By that second 5K, I had my eye on a half marathon.  I was surprising myself and kept saying to myself “Who is this girl? But I like her!”

Years later, I now consider myself a “runner” and am learning so much about how to live a healthier life than the path I was on.  I have fought injuries and personal doubt, but somehow I keep tying the laces on my running shoes and putting one foot in front of the other to reach the goals I have set.

I'm a real runner...Disney Marathon finisher..complete with medal and ice

 And I can’t forget BERT!  Bert is Bert.  He is along for the journey that is my life.  I use him  to capture all the moments I don’t want to forget.  He represents me.  There is a long back story on how Bert came into my life, that will be shared later.

Bert is an expert traveler

Mandatory pre race picture with Bert prior to Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon - October 2010

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