When a quick run really does turn into a quick run

I am really starting to see my speed increase and that is kind of crazy to me.  I never imagined that I would actually see myself getting faster.  When I started running, I wanted to get to around a 10:00 mile. To me, that was a nice average pace, normal and do-able.  I hit that and was able to hang out at the speed comfortably.  Every so often, I would just challenge myself to see how fast I could run a single mile.  Most times, I could do a single mile right around 9:00.  After that mile, I was usually spent and couldn’t imagine keeping that pace for a single moment longer.   I was ok with this.  At least, I was running.

As I started to increase my miles, I would find myself saying “I’m going to go out for a quick 3 -4 mile run.”  Those runs were quick to me because they weren’t long, but they weren’t actually quick by any means.  I would average my 10:00/mile pace and be content.  This morning, it was a different story.  My quick run really turned into a quick run (at least for me).

To my shock this morning, these were my splits for my morning run:

1 1.00 mi 09:19 9:19 min/mi 85 cal 0 bpm
2 1.00 mi 09:13 9:12 min/mi 96 cal 0 bpm
3 1.00 mi 09:27 9:26 min/mi 98 cal 0 bpm
4 1.00 mi 09:05 9:06 min/mi 101 cal 0 bpm

4 miles in 37:13.  The other shocking fact about this run to me was that I did it not following my standard interval pattern of 9:1.  I ran this straight through minus a 20 second break I took to cross the road between miles 2 and 3.  Might be the reason for the slower mile 3 split.  I finished this run and was on a post run high.  Definitely an amazing way to start my morning.

My day ended by basically canceling out that amazing run (See previous post about chocolate waffles)!  I got a text message from a friend during the day asking if I wanted to meet up for dinner and I couldn’t pass it up.  We decided to meet up at one of the local Outback Steakhouses.  I was so excited because I hadn’t had a good steak in a while and I was still burning calories from my run this morning.  I had a great dinner, great time with my friend and who can pass up chocolate waffles.  So definitely went over on the calorie count for the day, but sometimes moments with friends are more important than calories.

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